Friday, 3 July 2015

Coming to a computer screen near you soon

Christi, Jane and I (Zoe) have got together a new fortnightly (2 weekly) challenge for you, Twofers.   Every 2 weeks (on Saturdays) we will set a new theme challenging you to create a pair of items inspired by the theme.  We are looking for rubber stamping on your submissions but no digi stamps or art.   Other than that this is  an open challenge so anything goes, with our theme as the primary focus.

There will be 2 challenges a month, when there is a 5th Saturday in the month we will not set a new challenge but will have a special treat for you so it will be worth popping back just to see what we are up to.

The name Twofers, two for the price one we all love a bargain don't we.

So if you would like to join in with us there are just a few things to remember.

Pairs of things
Open, anything goes with our theme as your main focus
Must Rubber Stamp
No digi stamps or graphic art

Please turn off word verification.

We will kickoff our first challenge on SATURDAY 1st AUGUST and will last for 2 weeks.  Please help us spread the word and let people know about our new adventure, everyone is invited to follow along for the ride.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Little wire wrapping

OK so I should have get into the garden yesterday, especially as today is so much less clement.   Looking out of the window it might be dry enough for me to go and sort out the fallen ivy hedge, when I've finished here.   But yesterday the stun was strong and I burn easily, so instead I stayed in and played with wire and green dyed Onyx.   Well Green is my favourite colour.

Having wrapped, stitched and woven my cabochon in a silver coloured wire frame, something was needed to suspend it from.    Peridot rounds and Clear Quartz corner drilled cubes seemed like an idea.   Threading very small rounds was tough on the eyes, next week-end I should have my proper new glasses!

Now of course there is the option of necklace with our without pendant creating two different looks.

While not paper crafts these are hand crafted and so I thought I'd share them with:

Polkadoodles - Frame it
Moving along with the Times - Sewing, Stitching

I also passed some time chasing the cats with a camera.

Miss Minx, being very co-operative but not liking the flash

Her brother Pounce, the family hunter and well known wimp.   He was co-operating in the hopes of strokes

Izhe, un-related to the other two and the most nervous but also the bravest here in a hole.

Saturday, 20 June 2015


It is surprising what a change of roles at work and the re-emergance of family can do for your Mojo.   Had intended to tidy the garden but rain stopped work.  So I played.

This is a Sweet Poppy stencil used to emboss a white post card.   Inkylicious dusters and Adirondack dye based inks worked over the embossed area to bring out the image.  A5 card stamped with a little flourish and sentiment.    Well Less is More set a challenge this week to use a stencil, Friday Mashup also requested that we use a stencil.

A postcard, Wish you were Here, inspired by some fabulous holiday snaps on FB recently.    The stamp is an old Stamping' up one, love it because you can set it against any background you want.  For the next 2 weeks A Gem of a Challenge want Summertime.

A tangle started Friday evening and then coloured today.     Does not represent anything, does not mean anything, just some lines on a page.    Inkspirational have a word prompt this fortnight - Wild does this qualify?

A ladder weave necklace made with red and blue dyed quartz and cream quartzite.    Very comfortable to wear.

So much better than chopping up a blown over ivy hedge don't you think.   Happy Solstice.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

It's a Home Bird

Something of a momentous day yesterday, after 20 years, well 20 years and 2.5 months not that I was counting, my Son got in touch.    No we haven't spoken yet and yes I'm pleased but this will be a personal thing and the real meaning is that we are back in each others lives but no bells and whistles just grateful acceptance.    Not that my head isn't in a whirl, it is.

So after completing the Saturday list and needing to be inky and messy the beads were set aside and other toys came out.    Anyway with another saga this week and my current lack of verifocals anything that requires good and adaptive eyesight is out.

A postcard

Black white with touches of green.   CAS style with just one corner used for the little sketch.   Overall it was inspired by:

Less is more - Home (one layer)
Speedy Fox and Friends - Use just the corner
Open Minded Crafting - Doodle

Does this seem a little tame for someone whose mind is all over the place?   Well having got my hand in with the postcard grabbing a canvas and letting rip.

A grid laid out on the canvas each portion coloured with ProMarkers Red, Blue, Green and Gold with just one purple section.   Red and Cream acrylic pain squeezed onto the canvas and spread with a palette knife some bronze paint added to the mix.   Blue and Green squeezed onto the sides and spread with more bronze for good measure.   The whole set aside to dry, Acrylic is a fast drying paint but when it is thick like this it takes longer, quite a lot longer.   When the thin/single layers were dry two postcard size and another card from the calendar set were pressed into the paint and lifted off.   Then everything left overnight.   This morning black marker has been used to emphasise the fish found floating inside.

These are the negative impressions, not sure where they are going yet but I'm seeing flowing earth.

Gosh I wonder what today will bring - exciting.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

More Jewellery won out!

Hi well that's 3 days that flew by, its been more jewellery making for me!

2 pairs of earrings and a necklace.   The earrings were made using a technique demonstrated by Fleur Hastings yesterday morning on Jewellery Maker.   Such an easy technique takes moments, love the effect.

The first pair made with silver coloured wire and Morganite.   The next paid were made very quickly this morning to go with a Fluorite necklace made yesterday.   

Another Fluorite necklace that would also go with those earrings.   I love the variety of colour in this stone and the patterns that occur.   The results are often delicate and feminine, it feels great to wear as well.

These last 2 sets feature Iolite, another purplish stone that I like.   I've used sterling silver chain and findings for the top set.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Wet Friday

Having worked last Monday (bank holiday) today is my lieu day.   It is very wet, had thought about going out, or at least having another play in the garden.   It's not looking very likely.    Guess it's another play day might be more jewellery or might go into the craft room and get inky fingers time will tell.

Here is another piece of coffee Jasper that I have framed with five 1mm bronze coloured wires woven together with .4mm copper wire.    Need heaps more practice but am improving each time or so it feels.

You can see why it is closed Coffee Jasper, reminds me of the surface of a fresh cup of black coffee right out of the percolator still moving.   

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sunny Saturday

Glorious day, morning spent in the garden, really enjoying this garden and so far no urge to dig holes and plant things.   Really really hope I don't get bitten by that bug again it is great fun and makes for a lovely colourful garden but oh the hard work maintaining it.   Still today was lovely and sunny, to hot really to stay out there so can indoors to see if I could make this pendant.

Think that would be a yes!   I struggle with wire work and am glad that after finishing the frame last evening I then set it aside.  Today there was time to just sit slowly steadily weaving, bending and shaping.    The stone is Jasper, and measures just over 2 inches in length.

This Labradorite Cabochon was wire wrapped last Sunday, think the week-ends are the best time for me fiddle with wire, week days after work I am clearly to stressed.   Only recently learnt of Labradorite but the play of light and colour from the stone just blows you away.   The earrings are Labradorite as well, unpolished the play go light on the surfaces still bring out brilliant flashes of colour.

So that is me still enjoying this jewellery making lark.